Gamers with Lives - The Slaying Stone

Excerpt from the journal of Saqer Al-Taheem

Tarsakh 23rd – Much like the last 2 weeks there was not much new today; Gaia and I continue to travel north for work. It does appear though that the trail is becoming easier to walk on and much wider, we may be close to a town.

Tarsakh 24th – Today has been a busy day. As Gaia and I continued to travel north we started to approach a tower on the other side of a bridge, as we did we came upon 3 curious fellows. First a dwarf drunkenly stumbling along the road, the second a holy man in full armor who appeared to have just dragged himself out of the river and the 3rd a mage of some apparent repute coming in from the crossroad.

To top things off it was getting late and before we even had a chance to introduce ourselves we where best upon by a back of large wolves. Despite there sudden appeared and large numbers, both the Dwarf and Holy man proved themselves capable fighters helping me and Gaia to fight them off with little effort.

Just as we finished off the last of the wolves a large fully armored man stepped out of the woods laughing. He introduced himself as Brand a paladin of Bahamut, and mentioned he quite enjoyed the show we put on. I asked why he didn’t wade into the fight himself, but he brushed it off as something we had well handled.

After dusting ourselves off I finally was able to thank our fighting companions, the dwarf, who goes by the name Hallvarthir (Hal) Hammerstone, apparently was not to sure how he got to this location, or for that matter where he was to begin with due to some serious drinking.

The holy man went by the name Dish, he had apparently been in pursuit of some great evil before he somehow ended up in the river and washed up to our location.

Finally the Mage, who introduced himself as Quick Robb, had just been released from his duties at the Magisters tower and coincidentally, also searching for work before running into us.

Just as we finished introductions we heard a cry out from across the bridge and where beckoned to the tower by an older lady. Walked up she introduced herself as Treona and offered us a place to stay for the evening.

The evening was not to be a quite one though as Treona had a request for us. After walking us in she introduced us to Kiris Alkirk, a man who lived with her and was apparently the last ruler of a town further north of us called Kiris Dahn.

She gave us a sad tale on how the town had fallen into decay until its residents where run out by a horde of goblins. She also explained that in the rush to leave the town a powerful artifact called “The Slaying Stone” may still be in the city. Apparently this stone is capable of killing any single person within five miles of the city limits if used. According to Treona she lives terrified that the goblins or someone else will find and use the item.

As a result she asked us to head into the town to retrieve it for her. For payment she offered any riches we might find in the town itself and also offered several rituals to help us find the item. It seemed rather cheap to me, but I had little else to do at the time and was curious to see what a goblin town might look like and so accepted.

The new companions considered their options and decided to take a look at the place as well, as they all seemed capable people and I was disinclined to raid a goblin town myself, I accepted the opportunity to work with them

At this point I took advantage of Treonas offer of room and board for the night as it will be a busy day tomorrow.

Tarsakh 25th. And so a new day started with much planning to do. Treona had provided us with a Map and some description of the area, as well as likely places the stone may be hiding at.

Our plan as a result was to head to the first place she pointed out, the Library. Our plan was to scout the territory and determine the shortest route to get there.

After checking that the front gate was guarded very well we decided to ford the river to take the most direct path there. Unfortunately we did not take into account the heavy weight of Brands armor and he nearly drowned in the crossing. While we where able to save him, unfortunately we caused enough ruckus that some goblin guards saw us and fled into the town.

Despite the alarm being raised in the area we where able to slip into the Library where we discovered several goblins going through the books. One goblin in particular seemed focused on them and appeared to consume them randomly into ash.

Not wanting to give the apparent magic user a chance to use it and wanting to preserve any info on the slaying stone before he destroyed it we charged into battle.

This appeared to be a fortunate plan of action, as despite the mêlée being brief he summoned powerful ooze against us, my new allies proved themselves to be most capable once again though as they quickly dispatched it.

After clearing the Library of these goblins we found evidence that there there was at one point a dragon of some type on the premise, and that the stone was at one point stored here. If so we certainly have a long road ahead in recovering it.

Tarsakh 26th. The evening in the library went by uneventfully, though we did learn that Hal is found of cooking what can only loosely be described as ‘Meat’. This could become our greatest danger if we do not keep our guard up against it.

We broke camp early in the morning, the plan was to head to the near by temple to check for further clues.

As we attempted to sneak to the temple we came across a patrol of goblins. Thinking quickly I attempted to scare them away with a display of magic. Sadly despite the fearsome reputation of the ‘Pink mist’ in the elemental realms of my home, the billowing colored clouds did little more then make the goblins laugh as they attempted to skewer me.

Despite this setback we where able to quickly scramble to the rooftops and escape them. There is no doubt though that the goblins are aware of our presence at this point and we shall have to be extra careful in the future.

With Gaia leading the way at this point we where able to sneak the rest of the way into the temple without incident. As we entered the temple Brand noted that behind the goblin desecration’s that this appeared to be a former temple to his god Tyr. You could hear the grit in his teeth as he described this.

Once in the temple you could tell that this had been a beautiful place at one point with a lovely fountain dominating the center of it. As we approached it, we where surprised to find another man cowering against the fountain!

After some coaxing we managed to find out his name was Hoyt and that he had been living in this town sense before the fall. Despite this he himself did not know any new information about the stone. As he pried him for more information about the city, the temple suddenly erupted into chaos as goblins roared in.

As they did this one of the goblins was screaming about killing a rat and brandishing a silvered blade. As soon as Hoyt saw this he became visibly agitated, and then transformed in front of us in the form of a rat!

Brand at this point was no where to be seen, while Hal and Dish held the door against the goblins rushing in from the outside.

While they where doing that Hoyt started lunging at my throat, Robb and Gaia quickly came to assist but it seemed like whatever attacks we threw at it, it just brushed off.

Kiris also seemed to have a fascination with the fountain consonantly trying to drag me and Robb into it. For some reason this caused Dish to go berserk, as he charged Kiris yelling how he would splash the rat to death. I could only assume he had some special magic to help him with this.

While Dish and Hoyt tried to drown each other and with Robb trying to help that process out. The rest of us managed to get a handle on the swarm of goblins.

The battle was long and draining, but we managed to get the upper hand against the goblins mainly due to Hal happily whistling while nearly holding off the horde himself.. Despite this though we where still having troubles with Kiris. He was intractable and brushing aside our strongest blows. It was starting to seem like nothing could keep him down until Brand suddenly appeared, gave a battle cry, and brought him down with a single blow.

This would have been quit impressive, if he had not been off somewhere else in the temple for the majority of the fight. As knights go, he has a very odd sense of timing.

After the fight we searched the temple. As we searched the temple we came upon a large room with a mystical circle in it. Before we had a chance to look at it though a large creature, an orc i believe, bellowed out at us. Not taking any chances we quickly loosed a series of attacks at it, which managed to send it flying off the platform it was on into a deep pit.

To our astonishment though it quickly crawled out looking even angrier then before. Not wanting to give it a chance to regrouped we continued our attacks, keeping it off balance as long as we could. Eventually we managed to wear its defenses down and bring it to the ground, but only through our combined efforts and the luck of our early attacks.

After slaying the creature we got a chance to take a closer look at the portal. In process learning it was a anchor for transportation rituals, but little else. As this was the dominant feature of the room we moved on to the back of the temple.

Upon entering here we started hearing a loud commotion outside. Apparently our adventures in the city had caught up to us and there was army of goblins coming to surround the temple. We attempted to hold our ground at the back door but quickly realized we would be overwhelmed. Through some quick thinking me and Robb managed to through up some spells to delay our pursuers, and as we ran back through the temple Hal. Brand, and Dish quickly barricaded every door they could.

Eventually we got to the front part of the temple again, only to realize the building was surrounded. At this point we where facing quick capture, but noticed some open windows above us. Taking a chance I flew up carrying a rope and with the assistance of Brand and Hal managed to get everyone to t he roof of the building.

Sadly at the time this did not seem to help us much as there where no close by buildings. At this point though Gaia had a idea.

There was a hay filled cart not far from the temple and just out of sight of the goblins. Gaia wanted to jump down with a rope for us to slide down and then sneak away in the cart.Having few other options we went for it, everyone working together doing there best to guide Gaia down to the cart.

As she was jumping though something amazing happened. Robb suddenly yelled LOOK EVERYONE, and pointed to the sky. We all looked up and saw this blazing double rainbow arcing across the clouds. What does it mean?! Robb cried out, but at that moment we all knew what it meant, that everything was going to be alright.

Sure enough Gaia managed to get us all down to the cart, and with her skills, Hal’s strength, and the luck of the double rainbow behind us, we managed to sneak our way across the town.

Trying to get to a place where we could let things cool down a bit, we ended up at the former bathhouses just outside of town. As we approached we knew something unusual was going on here, there appeared to be tracks of a large creature and a path leading down into some caves.

Following the path down, our suspicions where confirmed, there was a dragon in this cave! We approached cautiously but considering the clues we had found in the library knew that we had no choice but to press further into the cave.

Despite our careful attempts to sneak in the dragon was aware of us before we where of it. Fortunately it appeared to be a relatively friendly dragon, it introduced itself as Tyristys. In conversation it quickly struck a rapport with Brant, and sure enough it had the slaying stone. On top of that Brant managed to convince the dragon that the best way to protect itself from it was to give it to us!

It appeared that the luck of the double rainbow was still with us and that our mission may be over sooner then we expected.

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