The Slaying Stone

The town of Kiris Dahn, built by human hands, stood strong against invaders for decades after the fall of the empire of Nerath. It had magical stones-created by tiefling artisans-that could kill anyone who attacked the town. The number of stones dwindled until all were spent.

Eight years ago, the citizens of Kiris Dahn abandoned the town when faced with invading goblin hordes. The town had endured a long decline under the rule of the Kiris family, and the citizens scattered rather than follow their ruler, Kiris Alkirk. Along with his advisor and seer Treona, Alkirk found a place to live in obscurity.

The goblins overran the town and renamed it Gorizbadd. The town quickly fell into ruin, since goblins were far more interested in vandalism than in proper maintenance. A faction of kobolds took over the slums, since the goblins live mostly in what were once residences for the wealthier people of Kiris Dahn.

Recently, Treona discovered old records that indicate one slaying stone still remains. She now looks for powerful individuals to recover it.

Gamers with Lives - The Slaying Stone

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